Sample Management

Effective & efficient sample management system for Fashion with digital twins using RFID & Blockchain.

Karpine Samples

The Problem

Every year has 2 to 4 seasons in the fashion industry. Brands plan their inventory 2 to 4 seasons ahead. Multiple vendors across the world send their samples. These samples reach a central warehouse and then are distributed across various Quality check teams across their offices, sent for feedback in small quantities to select stores and if approved will be sent for photoshoots. Finally, order is placed with the vendor. This is closer to a 6-month process and is currently being tracked manually across the industry using excel sheets.

The Solution

A simple 4 step process to setup the system:

  • Catalog   
  • Digital Twin Inward
  • RFID Tracker
  • Blockchain Trail
Karpine Digital Twins
Karpine Digital Twin

Step 2: DigitalTwin Inward

Karpine Catalog

Step1: Catalog

Karpine Blockchain Trail

Blockchain Trail

Karpine RFID Tracker

Step3: RFID Tracker



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