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Fast-track tech innovations ranging from warehouse optimizations to improving customer trust in brand by providing end to end supply chain transparency.

How it works

A simple chain of ownership is updated everytime the product passes through the delivery chain and is recorded on the blockchain. This gives a complete overview of meal movement in the entire delivery chain instantly. Integration of API's into their existing processes will fully automate the process.


Digital Twin

Create a digital trackable twin of each product with a unique code. Enter product data into blockchain through API's / Excel Sheets.

Stick The Smart Label

Smart labels are attached to each product and each smart label instantly makes the product ready for the journey in the connected supply chain.

Start Tracking

Depending on the type of smart label attached to the product, start tracking the real-time product journey using a QR Code reader / RFID reader / NFC reader on a mobile.


Digital Twins

Create a digital twin for each physical item using IoT & Blockchain. This forms the base for adding an item into digital the world.


Create NFTs for limited edition items directly from the catalog with our plugin with a simple click of a button without having to worry about Crypto tech.


Enable NFT holders of your brand goods to add value to their holdings by adding ability to use the NFTs in metaverse.  


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Track & Trace

Track movement of the product in a supply chain without human involvement using IoT and record on an immutable ledger.

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Enhance customer confidence in the brands by providing a trail of the product movement from manufacturer to customer.

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Engage customers in digital world with fast changing tech by allowing customers to purchase, exchange and trade tokenized assets of your brand products. 

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