Visibility, Traceability, Efficiency, Integration, Resilience

IoT/Machine Vision-Driven Supply Chain Tracking Solution

Unlock the power of seamless supply chain management with Karpine's IoT-driven solution. Experience end-to-end visibility, powered by IoT technology, ensuring real-time traceability, inventory insights. Proactively address disruptions with our solution's exception handling, all presented through a customizable analytics dashboard. Elevate your supply chain efficiency with Karpine for unparalleled transparency and control.

End to End Visibility
End-to-End Visibility

Achieve comprehensive visibility across the entire supply chain with Karpine's solution, ensuring real-time tracking from manufacturing to the end consumer.

RFID-Driven Traceability

Leverage RFID technology for precise and automated traceability, allowing you to monitor the movement and authenticity of products at every stage.

Real Time
Real-Time Inventory Insights

Gain immediate insights into inventory levels and movement, enabling proactive decision-making and minimizing stock discrepancies.


Gain precise insights into stock on hand, enabling real-time tracking and informed decision-making. Minimize inventory holding costs with advanced RFID technology, ensuring efficient management and reduced operational expenses.

Exception Handling
Proactive Exception Handling

Identify and address supply chain disruptions in real-time, enabling proactive exception handling to maintain operational continuity.

Customizable Dashboard

Access a tailored analytics dashboard that provides in-depth insights into supply chain performance, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.


Karpine provides a Web3 blockchain-based Value Chain solution for Fashion and Luxury Retail.