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RFID Warehouse Automation

Discover unparalleled efficiency with Karpine's RFID Warehouse Automation solution. Engineered to redefine traceability, our system seamlessly integrates RFID technology for real-time order processing, inventory visibility, and quality control tracking. Experience a secure and scalable solution that elevates your warehouse operations through customized analytics and efficient material handling. Optimize your warehouse with Karpine for unparalleled accuracy and control.

RFID-Enabled Order Traceability
Harness the power of RFID technology in Karpine's solution to achieve end-to-end traceability, ensuring accurate and transparent order processing.

Real-Time Inventory Visibility
Utilize RFID for real-time visibility into inventory movements, enabling precise control and minimizing stock discrepancies.

Automated Quality Control Tracking
Implement RFID-based tracking for quality control processes, ensuring adherence to quality standards and swift identification of any discrepancies.

Efficient Material Handling with RFID
Integrate RFID technology for efficient material handling, optimizing the movement and tracking of goods within the warehouse.

Customized Analytics Dashboard
Access a tailored analytics dashboard in Karpine's solution, providing real-time insights into RFID-tracked data for informed decision-making.

Secure and Scalable RFID Infrastructure
Benefit from Karpine's secure and scalable RFID infrastructure, ensuring the reliability and adaptability of the track and trace solution as your business grows.


Karpine provides a Web3 blockchain-based Value Chain solution for Fashion and Luxury Retail.